[Webinar] Covid crisis: how to postpone your social contributions? @Urssaf (Événement en anglais)

On April 27th URSSAF experts led a webinar dedicated to the postponement of your employee’s contributions.  If your business is in France and you’re looking for informations about special measures put in practice during the Coronavirus crisis, please find all the informations below.

URSSAF is the Social Security and Family Allowances Collection Union (Union pour le Recouvrement de la Sécurité Sociale et des Allocations Familiales). It’s main activity ? To collect the contributions that are making french’s social security system work.

During the webinar, their experts gave us details about :

📍 what to do for you -and your employees- during the crisis,

📍 what to do when you are “auto-entrepreneur” in France,

📍 how to contact URSSAF,

📍 the delay applied and the settlement date,

📍 the complementarity of social actions,

Learn more about it, with the replay below :