[Workshop]Voice assistants & chatbots: ethical & technical issues @CNIL

Voice is an issue for personal data; with the CNIL discover the best practices, whether you are a designer or a user!
See you at Station F on 6 November from 2.30 pm: the CNIL will explore with you the technical, ethical and legal issues related to the development and use of voice assistants and chatbot.

Because of their presence in smartphones, cars and even refrigerators, voice assistants have become an essential part of our lives.

Supposed to facilitate our use of digital technology (especially for people with disabilities or dependency), their presence in the heart of the home can make them particularly intrusive.

Moreover, since voice is a biometric characteristic that can be used to identify a person, the use of such an object is not insignificant. In this context :

  • What are the best practices for designers, application developers and integrators?
  • What about organisations wishing to deploy them in shared locations?
  • What mechanisms exist to respect the RGPD and the privacy of individuals?
  • How to control your voice assistant as a user?

Don’t miss this workshop to discover the avenues of reflection published in the CNIL’s white paper, as well as the support offered by its experts!

Meet us at 2:15 pm in the SHARE area of Station F, in front of the French Tech Central area. As a reference point: the sign with the French Tech cockerel.

This meeting is organised in compliance with the security measures in force at Station F.

Wearing a mask is compulsory, a hydro-alcoholic solution will be made available to you.