Workshop – Space and Health for the Startup Ecosystem

Startups of Healthtech, the experts of the Centre national d’études spatiales (CNES) offer you a unique workshop to:

– Stand out from your competitors by improving the performance of your health solutions by using space-based data and technologies:

e-Health devices, telemedicine, use of geolocation – precise guidance, telemedicine in rural areas, telemedicine vehicle connected to get as close as possible to the patient
Mapping and earth observation algorithms for environmental health or epidemiological links; air quality forecasting, allergen monitoring….
– Imagine that your projects or products can be useful to astronauts.

To go into space is to be an isolated, sedentary patient, completely autonomous, in a hostile environment. Your startup may have an earthly solution that can be used in space. Come and share it with us!

This workshop is part of the Connect by CNES initiative, whose team will be able to support you over time following the workshop.

CNES is a partner of French Tech Central. You can therefore continue to talk with them at French Tech Central every week, by making an appointment at