Workshop: optimize your development in the e-health sector with AFNOR

On June 28, from 09:30 to 11:30, take advantage of a workshop with AFNOR to optimize your development in the e-health data sector.


[This workshop is aimed at startups in the field of e-health]


This workshop will aim to introduce you to voluntary standardization and certification, as well as the mechanisms, benefits and tailor-made support of AFNOR specifically dedicated to startups.


The workshop will focus on:

=> the current challenges of European and international standardization in the health field, in particular through a focus on DMs (Medical Devices) and digital health,

=> solutions to build trust within digital health ecosystems, through certification, on topics such as the protection and hosting of health data, the security of information systems, compliance with certain regulations and societal issues.


You will discover that AFNOR’s solutions can meet several needs specific to the different levels of maturity of startups!

Watch the workshop :