Workshop – Mobility: How to improve satellite positioning?

Discover how to improve the geolocation positioning of your customers or products. Many startup ecosystem applications now use GPS geolocation. But that was before… from now on, startups can easily access the European competitor “Galileo”. What’s the advantage? Where GPS provides accurate location to the nearest metre, Galileo offers a much more accurate location.

This competitive advantage can allow you, in BtoB or BtoC:

– to provide a more accurate service to your customers

– generate better quality data

– Provide a more seamless user experience for your users

– and many other opportunities

To facilitate the use of Galileo, the Centre national d’études spatiales (= the French Space Agency) is coming for the first time to share its technical expertise with startups and present the platform that accompanies it to make it easier for you to use this cutting-edge technology. A unique event not to be missed, and particularly suitable for mobility startups. We are waiting for you on June 11th at 3pm at French Tech Central!

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