Workshop about the opportunities of #5G by Arcep

On July 12, from 12:30 to 14:00, take advantage of a workshop with the Arcep (Electronic Communications and Posts Regulatory Authority) to discover the opportunities related to 5G.


[This workshop is for all startups]


A new generation of mobile networks, 5G represents a real technological leap forward. Beyond the increase in the speed of consumer mobile communications, 5G will enable the emergence of innovative products and services…

Several fields will be affected by this technological revolution such as: telemedicine, media, the automobile, industry, the smart city…


For 1h30 take a look at, the experiments already carried out in 5G, the areas most concerned and all the potentialities that can result from it! An unmissable event to take a step ahead of the next revolution!

Watch the masterclass :

Slides :