Workshop IA: supercomputer to boost your projects by GENCI

[Workshop dedicated to startups]


On January 25th, the IA theme is back with GENCI at French Tech Central.

Simulating climate change, studying materials, refining algorithms… require powerful calculation tools. This is what GENCI, the Grand équipement national de calcul intensif, offers, which gives companies, industrialists and researchers access to supercomputers for their advanced work requiring intensive computing power.


For you startuppers, GENCI has an R&D program called SiMSEO dedicated to entrepreneurs and their projects and offers:

– a tailor-made support for numerical simulation and massive data processing

– access to high-performance supercomputers and storage facilities

– possible subsidies to boost your project


Don’t miss this exclusive workshop to discover the world of supercomputers & digital simulators!


The presentation is available: