Workshop – How does the blockchain allow you to reserve radio frequencies?

While the multiplication of objects connected on free frequencies tends to limit the quality of the service, the blockchain could make it possible to reserve frequency bands for a specific duration and geographical area (sports events; places with a large number of users, etc.).

To discover the opportunities offered by this blockchain, startups are invited to participate in the experimentation of this first blockchain set up by the State.

The kick off will take place on Monday July 2nd from 5pm to 7pm at French Tech Central (Station F).

You will be able to take this opportunity:

Understand the blockchain and its usefulness in reserving radio frequencies
Discover the methodology followed and the code of this new blockchain, before it is released in open source
Test the frequency reservation platform by the blockchain
Discover the first application cases in preparation and propose some for your startups.
Important note: the event is dedicated to startups and participants will be invited to test the frequency reservation platform. So you will have an active role! Come with your computers!

Initiated by the National Frequency Agency, in partnership with Blockchain Partner, this free radio frequency blockchain project is an experiment developed as part of the Future Investment Programme