Workshop CNIL – Privacy Impact Assessment: how to carry out a risk analysis?

How to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment with the CNIL’s PIA software

[Workshop reserved for startups, in B2B or B2C, wishing to work on risk analysis in terms of data protection of their products or services. Otherwise, we will have to cancel your registration]


Since 25 May 2018, the (famous) General Data Protection Regulation aka RGPD / GDPR has been in force.
Depending on the maturity and resources available within the company, many compliance tools exist and the CNIL recommends various steps adapted to each one (designate a pilot, map your processes, prioritize actions, organize internally, document compliance).

The DGPS provides in particular for the conduct of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (AIPD) when the processing of personal data is likely to involve a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the data subjects.

As part of an emerging entrepreneurial project, it is now vital to consider the protection of personal data as an integral part of the design of your product/service.
To this end, the PIA software developed and made available in open source by the CNIL facilitates the conduct and formalization of data protection impact assessments (DIPAs) as provided for in the DGPS.

A tool mainly aimed at data controllers who are not or are unfamiliar with the data protection impact assessment (DIA) process. This workshop aims to present the software and methodology of the PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) developed by the CNIL, with the practical case of a connected object of well-being as an example.

Come and see how this open source software helps you equip your compliance process by adopting a simple solution to conduct your privacy impact assessments.


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