Workshop CNIL – Biometric data processing

[This workshop is for all startups]


What are the rules applicable to the use of biometric devices?


On May 17, CNIL experts are organizing a workshop dedicated to biometric devices at French Tech Central to help you better understand the processing of this sometimes sensitive data. Indeed, biometrics includes all the computer techniques used to identify an individual based on physical, biological and behavioural characteristics (fingerprints, iris, voice, face or even the gait).

How do you proceed if you plan to use the biometric authentication mechanisms offered by smartphones?

-> The CNIL has clarified the conditions under which these biometric data processing operations are or are not subject to data protection obligations. It points out that, in any case, the individual must retain control of his biometric data.

What are the steps to be taken by employers wishing to use biometric devices to control access to work spaces, applications and tools?

– A model regulation on “biometrics in the workplace” now specifies the obligations of employers.


If you want to know more about the regulations concerning new biometric devices, this workshop is for you!


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