Workshop Capitalizing on @CNIL data portability

How can you take advantage of data portability to grow your business?

[This workshop is for all startups]

On January 24th, the experts of the CNIL will devote a workshop to this legal innovation. On this occasion, discover how to turn it into a development opportunity for your startup.

The RGPD introduces for users the right to retrieve the personal data they provided when using a service, in a “structured, commonly used and machine-readable” format.

This right allows a person :

  • to retrieve data processed by an organisation for its personal use and to store it on a private device or cloud,
  • to transfer his personal data from one organization to another.

What if portability was an opportunity and a means for new entrants to open and conquer markets with the support of users?

If the implementation of portability raises questions for you, if you already have a service offer dedicated to it, or if you want to design “use cases” based on it, this workshop is for you!