Workshop Artificial intelligence by INPI

The INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle) allows the registration and delivery of industrial property titles. In the same way, it supports the economic development of companies by facilitating the protection and enhancement of their innovations.

In this context and for all innovative startups in the field of AI, the INPI has devised a workshop outlining existing procedures, innovations in terms of directives, as well as the interest and alternatives to protection strategies:

Case study
Testimony of the startup Winter Mushroom who developed advertising terminals using facial and gender recognition. For them, the patent is more than a protection tool: it is a selling point.

Focus on the issue of patents
What are the new AI-related guidelines and how does the procedure work? What are the criteria for judging applications filed with the INPI? The patent department discusses these issues in detail.

Other intellectual property rights
How to protect the name of the AI? How to protect source code and object code? Or again: what resources to protect the external appearance of a product? Discover best practices through this third round table.