Workshop AI: accelerate your intensive computing projects with GENCI

On June 7, attend the Artificial Intelligence workshop on: “How to scale up your applications via digital simulation, Big Data and AI using intensive computing? “


GENCI has an R&D program called SiMSEO dedicated to entrepreneurs/startups and their projects.
The advantages? to allow you to carry out a proof of concept and accelerate your innovations & applications.

The GENCI program includes:
– tailor-made support for numerical simulation and massive data processing

– access to supercomputers and high-performance storage resources

– possible subsidies to boost your project (e. g. financing 50% of which is provided by the State)


Course of the workshop:

– Presentation of SiMSEO supercomputers by GENCI

– 2 feedbacks:
=> Yoomap, startup that uses SiMSEO to improve its service offer (R&D expertise support)
=> Scikit-Learn, a technology developed by Inria (national research institute dedicated to digital technology) which is dedicated to statistical learning (Machine Learning) for prediction tasks (purchasing behaviour, product recommendations, trend detection, etc.) by any type of company, particularly DeepTech start-ups.
Presented by Olivier Grisel, Inria engineer.


Read the presentation again: