Where and how to recruit a UX designer for my startup? @GrandeEcoleduNumérique

Are you looking for a UX designer ? Would you like to be assisted in sourcing tech profiles ? Internship, work-study, first job : discover the resources that the Grande École du Numérique puts at your disposal !

Where to start when you want to enrich your team with a UX/UI profile ? How do you find the ideal professional when the digital professions are in short supply? Why focusing oninclusive recruitment?

📌 Pedagogical methods innovative & market-driven ;

📌 Profiles of learners from diversity;

📌 Tools available to tap into the GEN talent pool ;

📌 Focus on “UX designer” training with Popschool,

📌 Feedback from a startup which recruited with the Grande École du Numérique …

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