[Webinar] Rhine Zone: How to accelerate in these markets? @BusinessFrance

On 16 July from 10:00 am, Business France will present in detail the opportunities and uses specific to the markets in the Rhine area.

Startuppers, learn more about the links and business practices that unite the French, German, Swiss and Austrian markets:

  • What is the state of the market to date?
  • Can the weakening of certain French sectors accelerate their development in the Rhine zone market?
  • Projections for 2020: How is the recovery shaping up? Which sectors will be the most attractive and strongest?
  • Best practices: what changes of direction for marketing strategies during the Covid-19 crisis?

During this webinar, ask all your questions to the experts of Business France, partners of French Tech Central.


Why a webinar?
Initially programmed in “workshop” & “masterclass” formats, our events are being digitised due to the crisis context we are experiencing. This short and interactive format allows you to benefit from the support of our experts and to interact with them live, thanks to an integrated messaging system.

Who is this format for?
All entrepreneurs who want to expand or grow their projects in the markets of the Rhineland area.

How can I participate?
Register using the form available on this page and join the event on 16 July from 10:00 am, from the link that will be sent to you by e-mail.