Health, artificial intelligence… discover the financial and strategic resources at your disposal to develop your projects!

On February 18th, explore the financial and strategic resources at your disposal to accelerate your projects, with GENCI’s experts. Artificial intelligence, IoT quantum medicine… how to access the calculation tools and support you need?


The French National High-Performance Computing Center (GENCI) provides companies, manufacturers and researchers with its supercomputers to support them in their work requiring intensive computing power. With its R&D program called SiMSEO dedicated to entrepreneurs and their projects; GENCI offers startups :

📍 possible grants to boost your project;
📍 a scientific and technical expertise adapted to your needs;
📍 access to supercomputers, high-performance storage resources and hours of associated computing time;
📍 local relays in France to benefit from resources, depending on your geographical location, etc.

+ Discover the feedback from a quantum medicine entrepreneur who has benefited from the support of GENCI experts.

Don’t miss this workshop to discover the capabilities of the supercomputers & digital simulators at your disposal, as well as the support offered by our experts!