[Webinar] Digitalization of the health care system : the French case @CNNUM

On June 29th from 11:00 am, attend this webinar led by CNNum experts, to discover the recommendations they are making to the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, concerning the digitization of the health system.

The transformation of our healthcare system has already begun, and to accompany it, the National Digital Council is making eighteen recommendations structured in four areas:

  • the transition from a care system to a health system,
  • lifting the brakes on innovation,
  • the central place to be given to national health platforms,
  • and the intensification of training and acculturation of professionals and users.
  • A look back at the context of international competition, the particularities of our market and the potential for innovation that concerns all digital health companies.

Healthtech start-ups, register and ask our experts all your questions.


Why a webinar?
Initially programmed in a “workshop” format, our events are becoming digital because of the crisis context we are experiencing. This short, interactive and free format allows you to benefit from the support of our experts and to interact with them live, thanks to an integrated messaging system.

Who is this format for?
All entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the situation and the innovative potential of the health care system.

How can you participate?
To join the conference, please register using the form available on this page; you will then receive a link to the event page.

The software used for this webinar is Livestorm; it does not require any downloading on your part.