Discover the resources the Government puts at your disposal to prevent and respond effectively to cyber attacks that threaten your projects.

On December 17th from 2:30 pm, with the experts of the Direction Générale des Entreprises, learn more about the cyber threats that affect small businesses and the solutions at your disposal.


The health crisis has highlighted the importance of digital technology in our daily lives, both personal and professional, and the threat posed by cyber attacks. For small organizations, this eventuality can have a significant impact on the health of their projects. In light of this, the experts of the DGE propose to come back to :

📍 The global challenges of cyber for startups: scope and typology of existing risks;
📍 The economic stakes and threats to the survival of the company;
📍 The Grand Défi: presentation of this state program whose objective is to propose innovative solutions for the benefit of companies and individuals;
📍 The testimony of a private player in the field of cybersecurity.Don’t miss this workshop to get informed and prepare yourself as well as possible to the challenge that cybersecurity represents in the development of your solution / service.