Radio France & the Résidence Créatis invite you to discover the levers at your disposal to imagine the radio of tomorrow!

On March 3, starting at 11:30 am, the experts from Radio France and the Résidence Créatis invite you to discover the resources at your disposal to position yourself or accelerate on the audio market, in an inclusive context!


Innovation, inclusion, culture & media: are you an early-stage startup positioned on the themes of voice, AI, IoT or the production of innovative content? Learn more about the people and programs to support your innovation, during this webinar. On the agenda:

📌 Discover SANDBOX: Radio France’s open innovation system for young media and audio startups (test your solution on a panel of 15M listeners per day, access to program data and metadata, etc.).
📌 Presentation of Radio France’s Equality 360 program: the new commitments of public radio in terms of equality 360. What means now promote wider access to Radio France’s expertise and environment?
📌 Zoom on Créatis and its SOURCE program designed to foster the emergence of a new generation of female entrepreneurs in culture and media, whose call for projects is currently open until March 11.

Speakers Radio France: Adeline Beving & Matthieu Beauval de l’innovation / Créatis speaker: Emilie Friedli, Director

+ more about SANDBOX and the SOURCE program