OVHcloud & GENCI : Develop your project IA thanks to private/public synergy

On February 28th, the experts from OVH and GENCI led a workshop at French Tech Central, to help IA startups find new acceleration levers, by combining private and public service offers.


📍 What resources are available when you need to engage in a numerical simulation process or when you need to process a massive amount of data?
📍 How to combine computing and storage resources?
📍 What kind of support and expertise can you benefit from?
📍 What subsidies are available to you ?

In order to benefit from a complete and service offer, OVH (a French company specialized in cloud computing services) and GENCI (Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif) offered an overview of the solutions and programs they developped :

📍 OVHcloud Startup  – Support program
📍 SiMSEO – R&D solution (GENCI)

For more informations, please find their presentation below (in french) :