[Masterclass] When 5G changes the autonomous vehicle market…@Arcep, @CNES, @Inpi

On March 6th, experts from ARCEP, INPI and CNES led a masterclass dedicated to 5G and how this technology will soon change our daily mobility habits. Connectivity, data analysis, new business opportunities… this event available for replay, offered a new vision of the market.


How will the 5G frequencies be allocated in the coming months? What is the purpose of connecting a vehicle? What opportunities does this new connectivity provide? Through a clear reading of the news and an illustration by use case, our experts will present you :

📍The terms and conditions of frequency allocation;
📍The technological solutions mobilized;
📍An overview of the existing situation, through a cartography of inventions patented by the INPI;
📍The Connect by CNES program, which enables startups to develop innovative products and services using technologies and solutions based on the uses of space, …

Watch the video of the masterclass here (in french)

More informations in the document below (in french) :