Masterclass Energy : tools, models and sustainable development with Inria

The ecological transition implies significant changes and requires important innovations. Many areas are impacted but those related to energy (production, transportation, distribution, use, …) are particularly concerned. The consequences are numerous, obviously on companies in the energy field but also agriculture, biology, chemistry, networks, informatics …

Inria has intensified its activities on these topics and is conducting extensive research in the areas of energy and ecology. Therefore Inria has: a know-how and experience of the scientific problems encountered, a portfolio of digital tools and solutions transferable to industrial and economic actors, a capacity to propose innovative and effective solutions.

During this presentation, you will see a panorama of some of Inria’s latest results and the underlying methods and technologies to give you the opportunity to take them for your own business.

Particular emphasis will be placed on:

– the importance of the coupling between mathematical models and data,

– problems related to optimization and learning methods (classical or deep learning),

– the “Green IT” which consists in improving the energy efficiency of distributed systems on a large scale.

Several examples of concrete results (micro-algae, power grid, …) and tools will be detailed.

Jacques Sainte-Marie heads the ANGE team (Numerical Analysis, Geophysics and Environment) and is Assistant Scientific Director of Inria in charge of environmental and sustainable development issues.

This Masterclass is conducted in coordination with the “AI For Green Energy Incubation Lab” at Station F initiated by Microsoft, Schneider Electric and Inria.

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A host / hostess will be present to greet you upon arrival at Station F. Meet us at 9:00 am at SHARE Station F, in front of French Tech Central. For a landmark: the panel with the cock of the French Tech.

This conference is presented by Inria the French national research institute for the digital sciences which connects entrepreneurs to the best of French public research in a place: French Tech Central.