Masterclass: Bank financing and private banks @Banque de France

On 13 December, meet the Banque de France experts at a Masterclass on bank financing.

[This event is open to all startups.]

Are you wondering about the resources you have available to finance your project? About the ideal moment to initiate a financing process or to judge the maturity of your project? The Banque de France advises and guides you in order to ensure the success of your development projects.

And because each banking institution consults the rating files published by the BDF before granting financing; their experts present this financial analysis tools to you.
Intended to estimate the ability of a company domiciled in France to honour its financial commitments over 3 years, this assessment remains unknown. In this context, several questions:

How is a company listed?
What information does this file summarize?
How to influence its optimization?

Discover the feedback from a startup that has benefited from this support and discover the advantages they have acquired.

Find the answer to your financing questions during this Masterclass !