Masterclass : anticipate Brexit in your commercial relations @Douanes

On October 4, from 12:00 to 13:30, sign in to our Masterclass with Douanes to review the impact of Brexit on your business relations.

[This masterclass is open to all startups, especially those who do not have any extra-community activity]

Announced for 31 October, Brexit is re-establishing a border and making the United Kingdom a third country. So, what practices should be adopted and formalities put in place to avoid cutting off existing commercial relations or depriving oneself of them?

Our Douanes experts will give you an overview of the actions already implemented in this area, including the creation of an intelligent border, the partners to contact to support you in your declarations, and the tools at your disposal.

Regardless of your activity, learn to calculate the costs and risks associated with this upheaval so that you can integrate them into your business model as soon as possible.

An unmissable opportunity to prepare for the regulatory deadlines of October 31.