Masterclass Recruitment of foreign talent – Pôle Emploi and Direccte

On June 29th, Pôle Emploi and the Direccte are holding their masterclass to decipher the main stages of the recruitment of foreign talent, and their reception procedures.

While France is implementing a real attractiveness policy for foreign talent, what are the measures available to you? Which recruitment channel should be preferred, and which country?

From talent sourcing to talent passport deployment, Erik Sadiki and Catherine Colombet will give you the keys to understand the different exsitant statuses, and the points of vigilance to have to support your employees, project leaders, partners, economic investors… in their installation.

You will also benefit from the exclusive presence of the Police Headquarters and a company familiar with these issues to answer your questions.

An unmissable opportunity to attract foreign talent!

The Masterclass of Public Services is an event that takes place from 12:30 to 13:30, during which public actors present their offers and support mechanisms in order to show the uses and benefits you can derive from them, all in an informal setting.

Report of the Masterclass recruitment of foreign talent with Pôle emploi & La Direccte :

Watch the video of the Masterclass recruitment of foreign talent with Pôle Emploi & La Direccte at French Tech Central:

The presentation is also available: