Masterclass – The digital geoservices offer by IGN

The Masterclass of Public Services is an event that takes place from 12:30 to 13:30, during which public actors present their offers and support mechanisms in order to show the uses and benefits you can derive from them, all in an informal setting.

On May 25, the IGN – Institut National de l’Information géographique et forestière – will hold its masterclass and present you with an overview of its support services for start-ups and innovative SMEs.

From access to data and associated digital geoservices, to consulting for your experiments, to IGNfab, its innovative project accelerator, the IGN will set up existing systems to meet your needs.

Whether you are in the mobility, security, greentech, tourism or even healthech sector, this masterclass is for you!

An unmissable opportunity to get a head start on your development!


IGN Masterclass report:

Watch the IGN Masterclass video at French Tech Central:

The presentation is also available: