Inria Tech Talk SOFA

Inria, the French national research institute dedicated to digital technology, is moving to French Tech Central to connect entrepreneurs to the best of French public research.

On February 27th, attend the Inria Tech Talk, hosted by Hugo Talbot, mechanical engineer and coordinator of the SOFA consortium.

In one hour, Hugo will discuss all the potential of SOFA, a digital simulation software platform, then offer you a demonstration before discussing it over an informal networking cocktail.

Created more than 10 years ago, this framework has already been the subject of numerous use cases and start-ups. Today, whether you are in the health, RV, video game or robotics sector, you can take advantage of open source technology to develop new business opportunities.


Report of the INRIA TECH TALK event

View the video of the INRIA TECH TALK event at French Tech Central:

The presentation is also available: