Inria Tech Talk: RIOT, the free OS for your connected objects #IoT

Make your connected objects communicate with the RIOT solution!

RIOT is an open source operating system, equivalent to Linux, that offers standard protocols for embedded systems. It allows applications to be easily developed that collect sensor information and transmit it over the Internet to a central system (e.g. cloud server). The data collected in this way allows intelligent energy management decisions to be made, such as adjusting the ambient temperature, for example.

RIOT is developed by a global community of open source developers, co-founded by Inria Saclay – Île-de-France. Inria (national research institute dedicated to digital technology) connects entrepreneurs to French Tech Central at the best of French public research, and is also an active member of its developer community.

What are the technical advantages for your connected objects? RIOT is a reliable, easy-to-deploy, long-life battery-powered OS. Very small memory footprint ideal for managing low power sensors and actuators, microkernel architecture, C and C++ application programming, multithreading, real-time. Independence of the hardware allowing its developments to be carried out on many 8, 16 or 32-bit processors. Compatibility with development environments such as GCC, GNU Debugger, Valgrind or Wireshark. POSIX partial compatibility. Several network stacks including IPV6, 6LoWPAN, CAN support and standard protocols.

Example of use: sensors for connected agriculture, intelligent building monitoring & management.

What are the benefits for your business? Saves time for your developers because OS is fast to use thanks to its pre-written code.

A must for your applications! Come and discover the essential characteristics of RIOT in the first part of the event, then test the solution live around an interactive workshop with the LoRa solution.


8:45 am: Welcome of the participants

9h-9h45 : Keynote

9:45-10:00: Café-networking – You will be able to discuss your issues with the researcher and the possibilities for research collaborations.

10am-11am: Practical workshop: implementation of a sensor communicating with the LoRa solution.
Prerequisites: Participants will need to bring their computers to practice programming the sensors.


Report of the Inria Tech Talk conference on connected objects #IoT

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