Inria Tech Talk: Respect your customers’ personal data with PlugDB

Tech Talk / technological conference presented by Inria (national research institute dedicated to digital technology) focusing on the management of personal data. Inria, of which Inria Saclay is a member, is the national research institute dedicated to digital technology that connects entrepreneurs to the best of French public research in one place: French Tech Central.

Respect your customers’ personal data with the PlugDB server #connected objects #data

Our entire digital life is now traced: travel, consumption, leisure, finance, etc. These data, a 21st century oil, constitute a windfall for the economy and the organization of society but pose an unprecedented risk to the privacy of individuals.

The Petrus research team at the Inria Saclay centre develops technological tools and solutions, including the PlugDB device, which addresses this privacy management issue. What is PlugDB? it is a secure personal mini-server allowing each individual to control their personal data at home. This server is a home box that is able to manage large volumes of data while respecting the privacy of each user and the security of the stored data.


“This personal data server is an alternative to the current centralization of data, either in service companies or with hosting companies” Philippe Pucheral, Inria researcher


What are the advantages?

– economical mini home server

– large local data storage capacity without transmission with a cloud

– personalized access to its data

– secure and reliable device implantable in an internet-type box

– File sharing between authorized owners

What are the benefits for your business?

– a prerequisite for developing your applications processing personal data!

– technology that can easily be used to improve your service/product offer in many application areas: healthcare, smartcity, energy…

Keywords: personal data, IoT, e-health, ethics, PlugDB, digital safe


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