Inria Tech Talk: Improve your robotics and augmented reality applications with ViSP

Whether you work in the industrial sector, robotics, health or augmented reality, take advantage of ViSP to develop new business opportunities / industrial transfer.

ViSP (Visual Servoing Platform) is a technological solution used in robotics and augmented reality to control a robot using a camera.

In concrete terms, ViSP is an open-source, multi-platform image analysis solution (written in C++ language) that allows you to extract visual information to control a robot and perform many actions:

– Assemble parts, inspect (e.g. automotive assembly line)

– Tracking moving parts for augmented reality

– Locate 3D objects


Technological advantages :

– widely used open-source solution (GPL license)

– benefits from more than 15 years of research in visual servoing & computer vision

– quick start

– allows the rapid prototyping/implementation of image-guided robotics applications.

Startup benefits?

– ViSP is offered under a dual license, with a GPL (free software) license for rapid prototyping, but also with a proprietary license to develop customer applications and sell them

– technology that is easy to exploit and integrate into your project


Inria Tech Talk report on ViSP technology:


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