Inria Tech Talk: How to process your complex data with MASSICCC?

MASSICCC – A SaaS platform for the classification of heterogeneous and incomplete complex data.


In this Tech Talk, discover, learn to master and test MASSICCC (Massive clustering in cloud computing), a user-oriented SaaS platform and its three families of classification algorithms, the result of the latest advances made by the Modal research teams at Inria Lille and CELESTE from Saclay for the learning and analysis of your “Big Data” (ex: opend data, property, predictive maintenance, health, etc).


Building on their theoretical and practical successes, classification tools have become central to helping you explore and understand the large, complex, heterogeneous and often incomplete data sets you may have.


Download your data and, with very few resources (e.g. a smartphone) and very few configurations (the most relevant options will be selected according to your data) choose your algorithms within MixMod, MixtComp, BlockCluster to get the most out of your data on high-performance servers.


MASSICCC is also:

– Free access for testing and research on

– A “one for all” of the classification

– A strong interpretability of the results (with its graphs)

– A SaaS mode that allows you to track experiments (ongoing or completed)

– And open source algorithms that are reusable independently.


[The recommended level of expertise to participate in this high point = all audiences]


Program sequence:

Part 1 – Presentation

9:15 am: Coffee reception

9:30 am: Tech Talk about Presentation of the MASSICCC

10 am: Question and Answer session

10:10 am : Networking over coffee – meet the researchers and discuss your issues


Part 2 – Workshop taken in hand

10:30 to 11:30 am: Registration required. The Tech Talk* and workshop will be led by Fabien Laporte, post-doctoral fellow at CMAP (Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées Ecole Polytechnique) and member of the MODAL (MOdels for Data Analysis and Learning) Inria team. As usual, the team is also looking for collaborations to open new research themes around classification (incorporation of new types of data,…)



*Inria Tech Talk / technological conference presented by Inria, the national research institute dedicated to digital technology that connects entrepreneurs to the best of French public research in one place : French Tech Central.


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