Inria Tech Talk – Programming language #Pharo

Inria, the French National Research Institute dedicated to digital technology, connects entrepreneurs to French Tech Central at the best of French public research and offers you on September 26 a Tech Talk dedicated to Pharo by Stéphane Ducasse*.

Pharo is a purely object-oriented language, fully reflective and dynamic, with a simple syntax that fits on a postcard. It offers a very high productivity due to the interactivity and proximity of objects given to programmers, as well as the speed of its handling.

Used by more than 50 companies, taught in more than 35 universities around the world, used in 16 research groups and by a very active community, Pharo is actively developed by more than 80 committers.

Inspired by Smalltalk, Pharo defines a set of adaptable code analysis tools that can be easily customized by the programmer. Pharo puts you in constant interaction with running objects, whether they are simple objects, GPUs, web applications, 3D objects or your own classes, for total immersion and code control.

We will give you a brief overview of the achievements of startups in France and abroad.

A unique opportunity to discover a different language and quickly exploit its new development potential!

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9:00 am: Welcome of the participants

9:30 am: Keynote & Demos

10:30 am: Coffee-networking

Stéphane Ducasse is Research Director at Inria where he leads the RMOD team (RMOD for remodularization) composed of about twenty members. Expert in object design, object-to-occupancy language design, as well as in the maintenance and evolution of applications such as complex information systems.