Future of State

Digital technology and the proliferation of platforms have disrupted the relationship between consumers and retailers, and have defined the principles of immediacy and mobility as a paradigm for a successful experience. However, these new habits, which are part of the daily lives of the majority of the population in developed countries, are transforming society. Indeed, each individual, in his or her dimension as a citizen-consumer-user, has adopted the standards of the GAFAs, the great winners of this change, as a reference standard in his or her relations with services, whether commercial or even public.

Therefore, if citizens keep their consumer reflexes in their relations with the Administration, how can they be satisfied with public action? And, without falling into a gadgeting of public action, what are the innovations on which to focus?

Future of State is a series of conferences that explore the transformation of the state through its regal verticals. A great opportunity to showcase a state that is evolving, that is modernizing to boost projects to improve public services that innovate by breaking silos and using the latest innovations.

On April 11, embark on an agile tour of the State and discover innovative projects to meet citizens’ expectations!


Reception – from 6:30 pm
Conference – 7pm

Welcoming Words – The need to desilote the State in order to innovate
Louis Fleuret – Head of Public Services @French Tech Central
French Tech Central is a place where entrepreneurship and administration meet, to generate new experiments and push them to scale.

State vs Startups: how to create a shared culture?
Henri Verdier – Director DINSIC
Is the next public official an intrapreneur-product owner? How can we create hybridization between public officials and entrepreneurs to build a community of innovators that meets everyone’s objectives?

Feedback on an institute at the heart of the startup ecosystem
Julie Zerbib – Chargé d’affaires – INPI
The INPI has been based at French Tech Central for 6 months. Individual meetings, collective workshops, collaboration with other public actors… what is the daily life of a public official in the world’s largest startup campus?

The prefect is getting into the sculpin!
Yannick Imbert – Prefect, Secretary General for Regional Affairs of the Ile-de-France Regional Prefecture – Préfecture de Paris
Feedback on a project that capitalizes on the grouping of certain administrations to facilitate the administrative paths of users.

The blockchain in the state
Yann Maigron – Director of Frequency Management – National Frequency Agency
The latest cutting-edge technology in data security: feedback from a public actor who took the plunge and decided to use it!

Round Table:
What if the Artificial Intelligence revolution comes from the state?
Presentation of the first recommendations identified by the Villani Commission to the Prime Minister and the measures related to the use of AI in the State.

This intervention will be followed by a debate with Henri Verdier, Yannick Imbert, as well as Younes Rharbaoui from TheFamilyet Orianne Ledroit, Director of the Digital Society Mission of the Digital Agency


Networking cocktail – 20h30

An event organized with the Agence du Numérique and in partnership with Dinsic, as part of the French Tech Central project, supported by the Programme des Investissements d’Avenir and Inria.


Report of the FUTURE OF STATE event

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