To boost your R&D projects in Artificial Intelligence, IoT or other fields such as manufacturing engineering, GENCI gives you access to its expertise and its supercomputers.


Development of complex algorithms, simulation & visualization of products, testing of its codes on an HPC architecture… Discover SiMSEO, a turnkey program designed for startups :

đź“Ť Access to scientific and technical expertise tailored to your needs;

đź“Ť 6 HPC supercomputers made available to your projects;

đź“Ť Direct and privileged link to the scientific research community;

đź“Ť SiMSEO grant corresponding to 50% of the estimated amount


đź“Ś Contact, definition of the need, support, resolution of the problem: Sydney Tekam, Founder and Manager of the Tech-AM group & Arnaud Renard, Director of the ROMEO Regional Computing Center, HPC Expert, tell us what the computing power made available by the SiMSEO program has brought to their projects.