Inria Tech Talk: How to improve the quality of your software with STAMP?

Whether you are a developer or an entrepreneur, discover the STAMP project led by Inria, the national research institute dedicated to digital sciences.

STAMP (Software Testing AMPlification) allows you to:

Generate configuration tests (Docker, all languages)

Amplify your unit tests in Java

Reproduce crash cases found by analyzing trace stacks from production logs

PART 1: Participate in the CONFERENCE

–> To discover the key references for implementing a DevOps* approach supported by these solutions, Caroline Landry, research engineer in the Diverse team of the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique research centre, will present this European research project and will discuss the following points:

– What are the benefits for your business? How to reduce your development times and improve the quality of the software produced.

– What is the technical advantage of STAMP over other solutions? It is a unique solution in the world that currently does not meet any competitors. We will present the underlying principles that have emerged from the research.

– What are the possible applications? The generation of test configuration to apply to all your Docker-based solutions. The amplification of unit tests applies to software developed in Java (future languages will be considered at the end of 2019, perhaps with your help: Python, Javascript, C++, C#);

ActivEon will present us a quick feedback on its use of Stamp.

* DevOps: approach aimed at improving software quality, in particular by automating and integrating continuous tests in the development phase (Dev) in environments similar to those of operation (Ops for operation) and taking into account operational feedback.

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PART 2: Participate in the WORKSHOP – upon registration: Tick YES to “Participate in the workshop?”

–> For a practical application on your project.

Prerequisites for the workshop: PC with Java/Maven (unit tests / crash replication) and Docker (configuration tests).

Demonstrations and tutorials will allow for a concrete exchange of best practices in the implementation of these tools.

DSpot which helps developers and testers to amplify their existing tests.

Descartes is a Pitest plugin that provides faster mutation test analysis results and action lines.

CAMP supports developers by amplifying their configuration tests in a docker environment.

Botsing provides the developer with the means to reproduce crashes at runtime.

Participants have the opportunity to register for the beta test campaign and contribute to the STAMP tools.



Report of the Inria Tech Talk event on STAMP :


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