Our ambition.

French Tech Central is an unprecedented project that aims at bringing startups and public-sector actors together in a collaborative and evolutionary approach of service, for a mutual enrichment. Because it is a permanent place of accommodation for public services, French Tech Central is also a single window for deep tech by putting research in serving companies.

Based in Paris, French Tech Central is the totem space of French Tech that brings together everyone who has a role to play in technological innovation (entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, investors, developers, engineers, researchers…), French and international, to obtain information and meet around a dynamic and innovative programming.

French Tech Central is an evolutionary project, a space of innovation for our public partners that work in test and learn approach to modernise their service offering for professionals.

Entrepreneurs, researchers, public partners, major groups, international contractors, students, investors and curious people : welcome home.

La French Tech

The mission of The French Digital Agency (L’Agence du Numérique) is to promote and to support actions that prepare the French society for digital revolutions. It always intervenes in support of territorial ecosystems that combine public and private actors with an animating and supportive role for local initiatives.

It undertakes concrete and targeted actions on the ground. To reach this goal, The French Digital Agency runs three complementary public policies: the Programme High-speed network for the French territory, the French Tech Initiative and the Digital Society Pole.

“La French Tech” defines all those who work in or for French startups, in France or at international level. Not only entrepreneurs are concerned, but also incubators, accelerators, investors, engineers, designers, developers, associations, media, public operators, research institutes… that are committed to startups growth. Each of them can, on his initiative, support La French Tech by displaying its logo as an emblem of gathering and belonging to an ambitious and positive community!

Convinced that, in France, it is necessary to favor the emergence of successful startups to generate economic value and jobs, the Government created the French Tech Initiative at the end of 2013, in the service of this startups ecosystem. This structured and public policy is conducted by the French Tech Mission team, attached to the Ministry of the Economy, that works with public partners: Bpifrance, Business France, the Caisse des Dépôts, the Directorate-General for Enterprise and the Directorate-General for the Treasury at the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Secretary of Investissement. Its philosophy: rely on initiatives of the members of the French Tech community, emphasize and federate what already exists, and create positive and lively dynamics in France and abroad.











Inria and public research

Startups are drivers of innovation, they need talents and scientific expertise that are very strong in France. Universities and public research laboratories are an exceptional breeding ground of talents and technologies.

To promote fruitful encounters between these two worlds and favor collaboration, Inria – the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control – conceives and leads the “Research” section of French Tech Central, in coordination with the whole French academic ecosystem.

Various actions are proposed: masterclasses, conferences, presentations of technologies, individual appointments (actions that could evolve according to the expectations of companies).

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